Wednesday, October 20, 2010

රාවණා සහ කෛකේසී...

When this issue of Meditation Times was planned by the Chief Editor it was decided to
make this issue related to Sri Rama the question was from where to start.
One and the simplest way was to present the usual way that you know, But that was not
going to help you in the process of transformation. And if everything is given in details it
will be difficult and that too is not possible. The role of Meditation Times is to present
deeper insights into life, living and all that is concerned with these. Therefore you are given
insight into various aspects of the Epic of Rama.
Without understanding the role of Ravana and Kaikeyi you will not know the relevance of
Rama and the epic Ramayana. These are the main negative characters around who the
storyline revolves.
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ඉංග‍්‍රීසි භාෂාවෙන් ... ළඟදීම සිංහලෙන් ...

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