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Astro - Scientific aspect of Delay in marriage as a social problem

මවිසින් ලියන ලද මෙම ලිපිය සමාජ ගැටළුවක් ලෙස ‘විවාහය ප‍්‍රමාද වීම’ විදු ඇසින් යනුවෙන් Thursday, June 4, 2009 දින හි පළ කරන ලද බව සැලකිය යුතු අතර මෙය එම ලිපියේ ඉංග්‍රීසි පරිවර්ථනයයි.

A social problem is a term used by social anthropologists to refer to a process that impedes the existence of a community (social reality) and impairs the flow (social dynamics) of a population living within a certain geographical boundary. In today's society, the generalization of the term used to explain the situation to those who recognize the phenomenon and to act in such a circumstance can be seen.

Social anthropologists, from their point of view, are looking for answers to the various social problems in society. In the meantime, politicians are seeking political solutions to resolve various underlying issues of the people living within the geographical jurisdiction they control. It is no secret that these social problems can sometimes lead to very serious cases. Since the prehistoric age, man has been confined to two basic needs, the concept of physical security and the concept of security.

clean air,
The prehistoric socialized man focused on meeting the basic needs of housing and housing,
space (to live and feed),
Exercises to ensure proper functioning of the body,
sexual satisfaction,
Human beings who are second only to the needs of leisure are being shown to be civilized with the adoption of civilized measures to fulfill those needs. At the same time, the need for security has taken over mankind since prehistoric times, and the first step is to build a social institution called marriage.

 It is noteworthy to note that in the absence of these dual needs, man is found to transcend the limits of humanity not only in the primitive but also in the civilized world. Then the fulfillment of the third, fourth, and fifth needs of man can be shown as a need based on the mental attitude of the individual. In this case, it can be explained that the unhappy conditions that exist individually in such a social environment become social problems.

This social anthropological preamble is intended to present to you a picture of the facts surrounding the social phenomenon of marriage. Social phenomenon, which is central to the core, is a series of actions. These social processes can be basically categorized as follows.

Man's basic needs (sexual activity and sexual satisfaction)
Ensuring the existence of the species
These types of reproductive processes have brought about the age of the human being entering the marriage.

It is interesting to note that the marriage of members of this age group is primarily based on a woman's early menopause. A woman is eligible for the reproductive process of her life with the first menstrual period, and we can show the biological agenda as the standard age group for marriage until menopause.

Generally, a woman is between the ages of 10 and 20 (a common occurrence of first menstrual periods in exceptional circumstances). The first menstrual period is 40 to 50 years (menopause under unusual circumstances and a later period). Menopause can also be seen in the society. The period between the first menopause and menopause is the 40th year of fertility for a woman. Half of this fertile period is 20 years, or 30 years. Delay in getting to a marriage up to this point can be said to be a delay in marriage.

The causes are various. It is no secret that various factors such as family background, education pattern, economy and social environment are influential in this regard. But analyzing this situation on an astrophysical basis gives us another way to look at remedies. Planetary positions occur in a person's birthmark, representing the consequences of the actions of the individual.

The actual effects can be identified from a person's birthmark known as the planetary map of the universe, and it can be pointed out that the intended remedies of attachment are astronomically ritualized. But it must be emphasized that the basic social conditions and economic and political factors are not examined here.

Astrophysical rituals have the basis for changing the status of individual action planets identified by a planetary star map. This raises the issue of whether it is possible to change the circumstances of individual actions using universal strengths. The universal energies are the five great demons - PaTavi, Apo, Tejo, Vayo and the sky. But it must be pointed out that there is something devoid of the five great Universal Powers.

It is the person's mind, or the relic of personal consciousness. Based on this personal relic, the five universes have a secondary universal energy called image, sound, smell, taste, breath and dharma. Because individual actions are caused by this state of mind or secondary to the relic of the individual's consciousness, it is indeed possible to remedy it by means of ritual or universal energies.

It must be emphasized here that the mind of the individual is involved. This astrological context can be applied to the delay in marriage. Astrological remedies for delays in marriage can be referred to as the use of Sethkavi, machining, mantras and other rituals. Future articles will also discuss planetary positions that cause delays in marriage, as well as the astrophysical remedies that will be implemented there.

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මෙතෙක් කේන්දර සිංහලෙන් අඩවිය ඔස්සේ ඔබේ දැනුම වර්ධනය සඳහා මවිසින් ඔබට ලියන ලද ලිපි එකතුව මෙසේ ඉදිරිපත් කරමි
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